Laser Cutting

Steel Laser Cutting

Here at Innovative Metalworx, our team of experts have years of experience with steel laser cutting. We’ve created countless designs from stainless steel and Corten steel, resulting in stunning pieces that last many years to come. Corten steel rusts when exposed to the elements, which creates a layer of protection as well as an attractive rustic finish.

Our Range

We utilise our laser cut steel in a variety of products that will help you stand out from the crowd, both commercially and at home. Create a point of difference in your yard with our fire balls, goblets and buckets, or use our garden critters and sculptures to add a focal feature. We can also create laser cut stainless steel letterboxes and screens to add a touch of rustic style to any yard, as well as LED light boxes to showcase designs in steel. For a personalised gift that will last many years to come, you can also look at our laser cut stainless steel utensils.
We can use our steel laser cutting technology for any of the designs found on our website, or we can discuss custom options with you and work out a new design that suits your needs and preferences.

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